161 Best Dropshipping Products With Demand Data and Search Trends

The best dropshipping products are:

Desired by the consumers Provided by the dropshipping suppliers Have good margins

The foremost and critical aspect to consider is consumer demand.

If you’re on the hunt for the top dropshipping product, your focus should be on identifying what consumers are actively searching for online.

Utilizing SEMrush data, we’ve curated a list of search queries that not only mention a product but also demonstrate a clear intention to purchase.

The List of 161 Most Searched Dropshipping Products

The list is organized with the product name in the left column, while the right column displays the average monthly search volume over the past 12 months.

Product + intention Avg. monthly searches buy stamps 9,900 buy jewelry 5,400 buy tires 5,400 buy books 3,600 buy gift cards 3,600 buy shoes 3,600 buy vending machines 3,600 buy flowers 2,900 buy furniture 2,900 buy laptop 2,900 buy auto parts 2,400 buy watches 2,400 buy art 1,900 buy glasses 1,900 buy solar panels 1,900 buy moving boxes 1,900 buy clothes 1,600 buy phones 1,600 buy sneakers 1,600 buy suits 1,600 buy boxes 1,600 buy beds 1,300 buy electronics 1,300 buy magic cards 1,300 buy mattresses 1,300 buy plants 1,300 buy toys 1,300 buy vinyl records 1,300 buy glass 1,000 buy pictures 1,000 buy rims 1,000 buy sunglasses 1,000 buy textbooks 1,000 buy wheels 1,000 buy crocs 1,000 buy golf clubs 1,000 buy curtains 1,000 buy car parts 880 buy computers 880 buy crystals 880 buy games 880 buy paintings 880 buy rugs 880 buy seeds 880 buy wood 880 buy folding chairs 880 buy cameras 720 buy catalytic converter 720 buy fabric 720 buy firewood 720 buy guitars 720 buy kayaks 720 buy legos 720 buy lingerie 720 buy metal 720 buy prints 720 buy scrubs 720 buy water 720 buy shorts 720 buy apples 720 buy roses 720 buy greenhouse 720 buy pool table 720 buy shipping boxes 720 buy blinds 720 buy bamboo 590 buy candles 590 buy carpets 590 buy christmas trees 590 buy coffee 590 buy costumes 590 buy dresses 590 buy fragrances 590 buy jeans 590 buy luggage 590 buy marbles 590 buy paint 590 buy perfume 590 buy rings 590 buy rocks 590 buy slime 590 buy stickers 590 buy yoga mat 590 buy bricks 480 buy copper 480 buy couches 480 buy doors 480 buy earrings 480 buy engagement rings 480 buy flags 480 buy gemstones 480 buy leather 480 buy microgreens 480 buy tea 480 buy wigs 480 buy artwork 390 buy boots 390 buy candy 390 buy chairs 390 buy cologne 390 buy computer parts 390 buy essential oils 390 buy hats 390 buy magnets 390 buy pillows 390 buy posters 390 buy roller skates 390 buy snowboards 390 buy socks 390 buy spices 390 buy succulents 390 buy tarot cards 390 buy tools 390 buy supplements 390 buy hair 390 buy uggs 390 buy barbie toys 390 buy picture frames 390 buy antiques 320 buy art prints 320 buy baby clothes 320 buy batteries 320 buy comics 320 buy diabetic supplies 320 buy hair extensions 320 buy honey 320 buy makeup 320 buy puzzles 320 buy shirts 320 buy skateboards 320 buy sofas 320 buy tablets 320 buy tshirts 320 buy vintage clothing 320 buy wedding dress 320 buy wedding ring 320 buy dining table 320 buy picnic table 320 buy christmas decor 320 buy heater 320 buy bags 260 buy binoculars 260 buy bras 260 buy diapers 260 buy hoodies 260 buy kids clothes 260 buy postcards 260 buy sheets 260 buy tiles 260 buy matcha 260 buy wooden crates 260 buy fence panels 260 buy lava lamp 260 buy china 210 buy cosmetics 210 buy desks 210 buy handbags 210 buy ink 210 buy lamps 210 buy lighting 210 buy nails 210

Now, you have a clear understanding of the products consumers are actively seeking. Your task is simply to provide those very products to them.

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The Data is Never Enough

Still not convinced? Let’s check 50 top searches with Google Trends. We’ll look into the last 12 months data to see if the trend is stable or have seasonal spikes.





Gift Cards


Vending Machines




Auto Parts




Solar Panels

Moving Boxes








Magic Cards




Vinyl Records








Golf Clubs


Car Parts








Folding Chairs


Catalytic Converter



Things to Consider Choosing the Best Dropshipping Products for Your Business

Figuring out the best products to dropship for your business will require research and planning at the outset. This is largely due to who you are going to sell to and where.

Item safety

Dropshipping offers less control over product quality, leading sellers to potentially face responsibility for issues post-fulfillment. Consequently, many businesses avoid dropshipping items with safety concerns, such as knives and cutlery, due to the high risk associated with sharp objects.

Item size and weight

Shipping costs can significantly increase with the size and weight of items, impacting dropshipping feasibility. Generally, products that are easier and cheaper to ship are more suitable for dropshipping.

Item reliability

Fragile items pose a risk in dropshipping due to potential damage during transit, leading to customer dissatisfaction and complicated returns. Many dropshipping businesses avoid products like ceramics or glasses to minimize these issues.


Dropshipping branded products should be avoided due to potential copyright issues and the impracticality of promoting brands other than your own. Opting for private label dropshipping is a safer, more brand-centric approach.


Looking for the best dropshipping products always consider the actual consumer demands. Focus on the products that people are searching for. Although, don’t forget to check the product’s seasonality with Google Trends. For instance, sunglasses, plants and seeds are more popular closer to summer.

When you picked the best dropshipping products, choose the ones with the highest profit margin.

Once you’re ready, create an online store and go for it!

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