Customer Service Tools Every Business Needs: Multi-Channel Support, Proactive Chats & More

In today’s fast-paced and fiercely competitive business landscape, delivering exceptional customer service is absolutely crucial for achieving success. That’s why we had a chat with Kaia Madalińska from Text (formerly LiveChat) to get some valuable insights into the latest features in the customer service industry that help business owners deliver top-notch customer support.

From Live Chat to Text

Live Chat, a trusted customer service platform for over 20 years, recently rebranded to Text. This change signifies their evolution from a single-product company to a comprehensive suite of products such as a live chat, chatbot, help desk, knowledge base, and open widget. It is expected to enable businesses to provide even better customer service.

With their assisted customer service approach, Text enables businesses to handle common customer queries and automate repetitive tasks. Their AI features, such as canned responses, AI assist, and chat summary, make it easier for customer service agents to provide quick and accurate responses to frequently asked questions.

The Importance of Multi-Channel Support

Text understands the challenges faced by small teams who need to manage customer communication across various platforms. To address this, Text offers seamless integration with popular channels like Instagram, WhatsApp for business, and Facebook for business. This integration allows businesses to consolidate all customer messages in one place, eliminating the need to switch between different tabs or apps.

Enhancing Ecommerce with Greetings and Personalization

For ecommerce businesses, Text offers a range of features designed to enhance the shopping experience and drive sales. One standout feature is greetings, which empower businesses to personalize interactions with website visitors.

Greetings can be used to generate leads, automate targeted marketing, guide customers around the website, and even enable them to schedule appointments. By using greetings, businesses can proactively engage with customers, cater to their specific interests, and deliver a seamless online shopping journey.

Proactive Chats with Shoppers

Kaia introduces the “traffic section,” which provides real-time data about website visitors, including pages visited, time spent, and interests. This data can be used to personalize interactions with visitors.

Kaia also highlights the importance of personalized and proactive chats with visitors based on the data obtained. The conversation touches on the use of exit intent popups to engage visitors before they leave and the integration of Text with platforms like Mailchimp to capture visitor emails even if a sale cannot be made.

Enhancing Emal Marketing

Kaia highlights that Mailchimp integration offered by Text is one of the most popular email marketing software integrations available. The integration allows businesses to harness the lead-generating power of Text by enabling customers to subscribe to campaigns and newsletters while filling out the pre-chat survey. Customers who subscribe are automatically added to Mailchimp audiences.

The agent’s chat view displays information about which newsletters and campaigns customers have signed up for, allowing for easy management and follow-up. This integration allows businesses to track subscriber patterns, make targeted recommendations, and effectively manage their email campaigns.

Text for Ecwid Stores

If you run an Ecwid store, you can quickly connect it to Text to provide customer service and proactively promote your products and services to site visitors. Just go to the Ecwid App Market and install Text’s app.

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