Work from Home Office Setup in Healthy Way – Top selling Adjustable Sit & Stand Desk

The World Health Organization is among bodies highlighting the health risks of prolonged sedentary habits, and has identified physical inactivity as a global public health priority. Sitting around for long periods of time is generally not good for your energy, health, and overall productivity. There has been plenty of research to show that prolonged sitting can lead to many negative effects on our health. Redefine your workplace with standing desks and office ergonomics to enjoy your work while taking care of your health. More energy! You can’t get lazy at your desk while you’re standing! You’re mind is more alert, your body is moving and your blood flowing. 

Why we need Sit and Stand Desk?

Your posture takes care of your health at work. Everyone concentrates more on different products and accessories for staying active and healthy. The gadgets and technologies in the health fields are growing in numbers, but we completely forget to work on our posture to eliminate pain and discomforts. Having the ability to switch between standing and sitting postures can help reduce the physical stress which your body has to endure. Sit-stand desks are recommended as they have been designed in a way which makes working comfortable whether you’re stood up or sat down. It gives you the ability to vary your posture and combat the health risks which are associated with sitting too much.

Are Sit &Standing Desks Ergonomic?

There are three ergonomic principles that relate to Sit & Standing desk :

  •          Work in a comfortable (neutral) posture
  •           Beat fatigue
  •           Move, stretch, and take breaks

SIT & Stand Desks from Kidomate India

With the growing need for work from home solutions to cater to long working hours, Kidomate presents series of sit and stand desks ; the most recommended and sold Models of Sit Stand Desks of Manual, Pneumatic and Motorized Models from ERGOMATE and LUMI Brands.


ERGOMATE Manual Height Adjustable Desk (Sit Stand)

The human-powered EM-N08-22D Economical Manual Sit-Stand Desks are for customers seeking a cost-effective, quality built height adjustable desk that’s rich in features. Customers will love the upgraded manual speed— two turns raises or lowers the desk over one inch. Foldable Handle, Adjustable Width, Adjustable Height, Leveling Feet, Desktop Customization.


ERGOMATE Height and Width Adjustable Motorized Sit Stand Desk Frame (Single Motor) with Advance Controller

Compact Sit Stand Desk with button type Advance Controller Motorized , made of steel and plastic two stage column segment, overload and thermal protected motor, anti-collision, child safety lock and adjustable feet pad.

ERGOMATE 2 Tier Sit Stand Desk with USB Charger Port, Cable Manager and Under Board Cable Tray

    Spacious Dual Surface sit stand desk – Keep up to two monitors directly at eye level.

       Electric Lifting Technology: Adjust the height from 730mm to 1220mm through intelligent one button electric lifting.

       Simple and solid Stability & Effective and Healthy Workday

LUMI Motorized Sit & Stand Height Adjustable Frame (Dual Motor) with Width Adjustable Option – Work from Home Solution

This model powers dual motors with a higher load bearing capacity of 125Kgs features 3 stage rectangular column, an extended width range and elegant touch soft touch control panel.

Easy-to-Use Press Controller,  Adjustable Width,  Adjustable Feet, Strong lifting power with low noise level, Adjustable Height, Desktop Customization

LUMI Pneumatic Height Adjustable Sit & Stand Desk

Pneumatic Adjustable Height Standing Desk seamlessly adjusts from sit and stand through the day. With a lever-activated pneumatic air cylinder, smoothly raising monitors, a computer and other office accessories. Constructed with two sturdy steel legs, reinforced inner legs and a contemporary teak finish, the Pneumatic Adjustable Height Standing Desk is built to last, and optimized square column gives additional stability during the adjustment.